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Sohrab Nicholson

Sohrab Nicholson is an independent composer and singer-songwriter from Mumbai with a considerable amount of experience in the jingle & commission work. As the co-creator of the fan and critically acclaimed project ‘Nicholson’, it’s safe to say Sohrab has made his mark on the Indian independent music scene. Sohrab’s voice features a wide range and he is […]

Zoya Mohan

Zoya is a Mumbai based indie – folk singer/songwriter. Her breathy & quirky vocal style coupled with intense stirring harmonies and eclectic instrumentation brings uniqueness to her songs, which have been praised by The Huffington Post, Wondering Sound and Rolling Stone. As a graduate of Music Business, from world renowned Berklee College of Music, Zoya continues to act a a pioneer in […]

Keshia Braganza

Keshia Braganza is a singer-songwriter and performer based in Mumbai. She has sung for various TV ads and has been part of MTV Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged. She has an RnB/soul feel to her voice, with a warm and husky texture. After her vocal training at Garodia Music School, she won the top spot at several college and […]

Kanchan Daniel

Kanchan Daniel is a Mumbai based singer whose vocals can be described as raw and soulful. Inspite of being a blues oriented singer, Kanchan also encompasses other genres such as funk, pop, soul, new age and contemporary in her singing style. She has sung for commercials like Dulux Velvet Touch 2015 and Global Desi “Trip Away ” […]

Sherrin Varghese

Sherrin Varghese is a singer and actor. He has a soulful voice with an impressive range. He has worked with composers like Rupert Fernandes, Lesle Lewis, Amal Mallik, Sandeep Shirodkar, Jackie Vajirani, Sajid Wajid, Santokh Singh and Vijay Verma for both TVC’s and films. He is trained in Hindustani music and is comfortable with singing in English, Hindi, Marathi, […]


Known for packing some of the most powerful lyrics and one of the strongest voices in Indian rap, Enkore has further expanded his skill set to include ‘Hinglish’ rap and a more melodious style of rapping in his repertoire. His career has already seen plenty highlights, having worked on commercial projects with names like Vishal […]

Ramona Arena

Ramona is a singer, presenter, host, composer, actor and writer. She has a sensual voice with a dreamy texture. As a singer, Ramona has sung jingles and done voice-overs for brands like Dove, Toyota, Lux, SanDisk, Ponds,, Karbonn Mobile, Comedy Central/VH1/MTV. Ramona Arena was the first female vocalist to collaborate with a dj/producer in […]

Sonu Kakkar

Exuberant and cheerful, Sonu’s enthusiasm and passion for music is something she conveys effortlessly through her playback singing. Her voice packs a punch even despite her seemingly innocent look. Sonu’s singing style is full-throated and powerful. The distinctively deep, rich and a dreamy voice who earned her recognition as one of the India’s premiere singers is one of the very […]

Rahul Pandey

Rahul Pandey is a Bollywood playback singer and an independent singer-songwriter based in Mumbai. He has a husky voice. Rahul commands an impressively strong falsetto range. He has received a certification of performing vocalist from Rock School of Music, UK. He has also been trained in Hindustani classical. He debuted with the song Haseena Tu Kameena main (Happy Ending), […]

Mauli Dave

Mauli Dave is an Indian singer, music producer & songwriter who entered the industry with her rendition of “Mayya Mayya” in Saregamapa 2007 on Zee Tv. Mauli has done playback singing in Bollywood as well as regional films. She’s worked with renowned music directors such as Pritam, Mikey McCleary, Shamir Tandon and Bappi Lahiri. She’s done […]