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Sherrin Varghese

Sherrin Varghese is a singer and actor. He has a soulful voice with an impressive range. He has worked with composers like Rupert Fernandes, Lesle Lewis, Amal Mallik, Sandeep Shirodkar, Jackie Vajirani, Sajid Wajid, Santokh Singh and Vijay Verma for both TVC’s and films. He is trained in Hindustani music and is comfortable with singing in English, Hindi, Marathi, […]


Known for packing some of the most powerful lyrics and one of the strongest voices in Indian rap, Enkore has further expanded his skill set to include ‘Hinglish’ rap and a more melodious style of rapping in his repertoire. His career has already seen plenty highlights, having worked on commercial projects with names like Vishal […]

Sonu Kakkar

Exuberant and cheerful, Sonu’s enthusiasm and passion for music is something she conveys effortlessly through her playback singing. Her voice packs a punch even despite her seemingly innocent look. Sonu’s singing style is full-throated and powerful. The distinctively deep, rich and a dreamy voice who earned her recognition as one of the India’s premiere singers is one of the very […]

Vivienne Pocha

Vivienne Pocha is an Indian vocalist known to regale audiences with her soulful, bold and theatrical prowess. She sings many genres of music like jazz, blues, fusion, funk, folk and rock. A familiar voice in the world of jingles, Vivienne has also ventured into playback singing for the Indian films. She’s recently released her album ‘Inside […]

Aniket Mangrulkar

Aniket Mangrulkar is a singer-songwriter based out of Mumbai. Aniket has a deep and powerful voice with a husky texture. Aniket has worked with Music Directors like Mikey McCleary, Ashutosh Phathak, Dhruv Ghanekar and Amitabh Bhattacharya for brands like Tata Safari Storm, Cinthol, Mahindra, 7up, Airtel and several others. He also leads a Neo-Soul project called The Tekina Collab.

Anand Bhaskar

Anand Bhaskar is a Singer and a composer. Anand has sung for composers like Abhishek Arora, Mikey McCleary, Rupert Fernandes, Amar Mangrulkar, Eddie Avil and many more. Anand has sung jingles for brands like Eveready, Reliance, Amul, Nirmax Cement, Garnier, and others. He sung the official theme of the popular show ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui-Season 2’ for UTV […]

Rachel Varghese

Rachel Varghese is a Singer based in Mumbai. She has been singing since she was 16 years old. She’s also a Model and has shot for many clothing and jewellery brands. Rachel’s got a diploma from the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in Chennai, India and is comfortable singing various genres of music – rock, blues, […]

ishQ Bector

ishQ Bector is a rap artist and an urban music artist born and raised in Canada who is no newbie on the scene. He’s got full-length albums, coporate campaigns , and Bollywood tracks to back-up his career thus far. He first came into Indian television with “Aye Hip Hopper” music video. Subsequently, ishQ participated in the hit […]

Nikhil D’souza

Nikhil is singer/songwriter from Bombay. Nikhil has an expressive and dreamy voice with a husky texture and a very strong falsetto range. He made his playback debut with the song “Shaam” from Aisha, composed by Amit Trivedi and went on to sing chartbusters like “Mere Bina” (Crook), Harkisiko (Boss) and O Gujariya (Queen).

Anushka Manchanda

If what you’re looking for is pure soul backed with power house vocals, then Anushka Manchanda is your answer. Anushka is an Indian singer, model, an ex-Channel [V] -VJ, and was a member of the Indian pop girl group Viva. She has done playback singing for the Tamil industry and Bollywood. She’s worked for many […]