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Ashutosh Thatte

Ashutosh is a VO artist, composer and HR professional based in Mumbai. He has done voice overs for several corporate audio visuals and digital marketing platforms. Ashutosh has an expressive voice with a bold, deep and crisp texture. He is very good with brand tag lines and corporate VO’s, but can very easily mould and […]

Shaun Williams

Shaun is a VO artist based in Mumbai. He is an accomplished drama teacher and performing artist and has been prominent in the theatre and film industry for over a decade. Shaun has acted in and has done voice overs for TVCs for brands like Flipkart, BabyOye, Vodafone, Policy and Volkswagen among many others. […]

Nikhil D’Souza

Nikhil is a voice over artist and an independent singer/songwriter from Mumbai. Nikhil has an expressive, youthful & laid back voice with a light husky texture. Along with singing for many Bollywood movies and jingles, Nikhil has also done voice overs for brands like Peter England.

Anusha Mani

Anusha Mani is a voice-over artist and Bollywood playback singer. She has a husky, sensual and warm voice. Because of the varied genres of music she does, she can change the tone of her voice very easily to suit the requirements of any character. She has done voice overs for TVC’s in English, Hindi and […]

Arjun Iyer

Arjun is a VO artist and singer-songwriter based in Mumbai. His voice quality is warm, husky and rich. With his wide range of tones, he can adapt to suit the style of any ad. Arjun has done VO’s for brands like Kellogg’s, Swift Dzire, Idea, HIT and many more.

Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda is a VO artist, singer, V J, and actress. Anushka has an expressive voice with a bold texture and excellent range. Along with being a playback singer in Bollywood, she also does voice-overs for brands like Manforce, Parryware, Lakme and Maybelline. She has mainly done TVC’s in English and Hindi, but is comfortable in […]

Saba Azad

Saba Azad is a voice over artist, singer, actress, and dancer. Saba has a unique, sensual & husky voice with the ability to adapt her voice to give it a more clean or a cute tone. Over the past five years she has sung several jingles as well as done TVC voice-overs for brands such […]

Rachel Varghese

Rachel Varghese is a voice-over artist, singer, and model based in Mumbai. She received a diploma from the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in Chennai. She has a husky, rich and sensual voice. She has done voice-overs in English and Hindi for brands such as Lays, Shopper’s Stop, Puma, Raymond’s and Nestle.