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Language: Hindi, English
Styles: Alternative/Indie, Indian Folk/Classical, Jazz, Pop, Soulful
Voice Texture: Clean, Heavy, Powerful, Raw, Sexy/Sensual

Kalyaani is an independent Singer- Songwriter based in Mumbai. Kalyaani has a strong voice that is very expressive, echoing the earthiness of her native, Himachal, where she grew up. Resonating with causes such as environmental preservation and animal rights, she is the founding member of the independent band, Anantara, and has been playing extensively across Delhi and lately in Mumbai. She made her video debut with ‘5 Elements’, directing attention to the devastation caused by the Uttarakhand floods. Along with the Anantara, she was also the launch artist for Red FM’s Red Bandstand, an initiative that has seen subsequent success nationwide. Apart from developing her vocal ability, Kalyaani counts songwriting, both English and Hindi, as the other thing that keeps her motivated.